I DONT CARE( in bold)

What do I not care about?

This post is about the widespread criticism on an advertisement launched by "Tanishq" a jewellery brand under its advertising campaign "Ekatvam"( I like this word though ,just saying) showcasing an inter-faith marriage and baby shower ceremony has faced over the last few days pertaining to which it has been taken down by the company.

Why do I not care ?

This is no where "my opinion on this issue" because this is no where an issue which concerns me. I feel I am not eligible to register an opinion on an issue of such national prominence which could bring a three percent drop in the shares of a huge company. I asked a friend of mine for his opinion on it , who happens to be a tax payer ,who castes his vote in every election , said he sees "no issue" and so said the International Advertising Association, the Advertising Club, and the Home Minister of India.

So who cares?

The guys on the internet. With the 2020 fashion of social media chatter making it to the news headlines, here comes another perishable "news" piece. The people who care are of the following OPINIONS-

1. A "bold" advertisement demonstrating inter-faith, I am sorry Hindu- Muslim marriage, where the Hindu girl is married to a Muslim man .Why not the opposite being portrayed. This promotes "love jihad".

2. The mother-in law portrayed, is shown as going out of her rigid and novel religion and is doing a favor by allowing her Hindu daughter in law to practice Hindu religion for a single baby shower event. What is this if not anti-Hindu?

3. The entire slamming of the advertisement shows how intolerant and Islamophobic our country has become!

4. Are woman so dumb in our country that they are to be trapped by men of other religion to be married to and be converted into their religion .What is this if not sexist?

I do not share any of these opinions gentlemen. When I got my dreamy head into watching this advertisement with a cup of coffee in my right hand my phone in the left and earphones to my ears, none of these arguments came to me.

So when will I care?

When the issue has more impact than drooping the sales and shares of a company. When the issue is of national interest.


The advertisement has been taken down. This is not the first time such an incident has happened.

In 2018, Close Up toothpaste pulled its #FreeToLove ad featuring two Hindu-Muslim couples supporting each other, after a hate campaign.

That same year, Unilever faced calls for boycott of Brook Bond Red Label tea after its “Shree Ganesh Apnepan Ka” ad showed a Hindu man who is initially reluctant to buy a Ganesha idol from a Muslim idol maker.

The company withdraws the advertisement by the fear of

loosing further sales in an already covid hit business environment entitling it to the "inadvertent stirring of emotions", "hurt sentiments" and "well being of our employees partners and store staff".

Now the fact that a creative expression , an advertisement has the agency to stir communal sentiments hurts me and I this is what I care about.

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