With the announcement by Pakistan's Prime Minister of making a long disputed region in POK( Gilgit-Baltistan) its fifth province ,suspected to be another installment to the already elevated tensions between the two countries, I exploit the how and why of this unconditional love the two countries share.


This love is not new gentlemen, it begin prior to partition ,swaying three wars, one in 1965 followed by the one1971 and then The Kargil in 1999 with the wind .Among the other disputes like for water, Bengal refugee crisis(1949),territorial claims ,the insurgency in Kashmir is most loved chapter.

Special attention to the Kashmir issue later in the post, but a question strikes my cloudy lenses -

Why is all our love confined to this one country, of the six other countries we share borders with?

The Indian economy is nearly 10 times the size of Pakistan .Why do we care to compete or compare ourselves with a nation so smaller in magnitude?

TOXIC NATIONALISM- With the prime time slots allotted to news claiming humiliation of Imran Khan, with flashy cheeky headlines derived from Hindi movie dialogues at th

e face of a gloomy him, with his eyes looking down in despair, we love to take jibes at them.

Toxic this has become when our country's internal politics is interpreted as either being on the side of the government or being on the side of Pakistan.

THE PARTITION-The painful partition and the consequent formation of Pakistan is the oldest shared reason of indifference.

THE SIMILARITIES-These are the people who look like us, share interests and language with us, share a larger part of history and freedom struggle with us, watch the same movies and listen to the same music and compete on the same fields.

THEY ARE NOSY-We cannot ignore our neighbor's interest in our daily lives and their twisted means to distort our living through hoisting and planting Islamic terrorism. Its no more behind the four walls when the Asia wing of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) – which looks at illegal money flows across the world -- has placed it on a black list.


In the backdrop of India-Pakistan attempts to secure the Siachen Glacier, the inhospitable and highest battle terrain in the world ,we have witnessed a lot of conflicts, statements and counter-statements .Discarding special status of Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian government, leads to the Prime Minister of Pakistan travelling to Islamic republics and approaching UN pleading justice for the people of his neighbors is walk for humanity. Truly.


Does their country with an external debt standing at $105,841 million37.5 percent of their GDP, fiscal deficit of 8.9 percent not understand that priority is saving the ground what they have than luring for the valley they do not? What the world, including India, does not recognize is that Pakistan, ironically, is also one of the worst victims of Islamist terrorism.

We spent a 6 crore INR in Siachen every single day for the military .Yes .Coffee.

Despite India being one of the fastest growing major economies in the world since 1991 (yet, only ranked 147 in per capita income in 2017), its social indicators in many areas, including health, education, child and women welfare, are abysmal in comparison with China’s. Worryingly, in the focus on one-upmanship with Pakistan, India’s pace in social indicator improvement has been less than some poorer economies too. The phenomenal strides made by Bangladesh in the social sector are an example.


Only a muscular and masculine nationalism can take pride in things such as becoming the fifth largest military spender in the world, or being the world’s second largest arms importer. On the other side the social and economic standings of our "rival" is not even abysmally at par with us. But the question is - is this enough for us as a country?

Do we demand a happy nap on winning over this tiny country with a large margin or will we compete with the same vigor against yet bigger economies like China right there beside us?

For how long will put territorial protection before development?

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